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Activities at Camp Pacifica 



Activities at Camp Pacifica The programs at Camp Pacifica have been developed to provide a unique environment where deaf and hearing impaired children and their siblings have opportunities to grow and understand themselves and others.

Our Mission The mission of California Lions Camp is to measure up to the Lion Clubs motto, "We Serve". Our organization is committed to providing deaf and hearing impaired children and their siblings of California and Nevada a safe haven to experience at California Lions Camp what many individuals take for granted. We are ever vigilant for their safety, ever respectful of the environment, and ever thankful for the opportunity we have to provide recreational opportunities for others.

Goals of California Lions Camp

• To promote greater independence and self confidence
• To learn and appreciate diversity, nature and the great outdoors
• To provide opportunities for social interaction and further development of social skills • To encourage participation in recreational activities
• To provide opportunities to develop friendships while having fun 





Archery at Camp Pacifica allows kids to gain experience with all the necessary equipment. From long bows for beginners to re-curves for advanced competitors. Campers have the chance to become the next Robin of Loxely (aka Robin Hood) at our archery range in "Sherwood Forest."

Each member of our archery staff is trained and supervised by our senior archery advisor. A staff member is always present during summer camp.

The targets are large hay bales with small, daring bulls-eyes. As soon as you master them at one distance, we move back further...and further...and further. The camp archery field has a big net behind all the targets that catches the few random arrows before they go off into the woods.

Archery is an Olympic sport. It is also a terrific solitaire sport – that is, it can be fun just to always be going for personal bests. Campers are trained on a variety of things including proper shooting technique, safety rules of the range, and even how to properly pull an arrow out of a target and walk with it safely. 




Arts & Crafts


Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts at Camp Pacifica Let your imagination soar as you discover your artistic side in our Arts and Crafts Camp!

Express yourself through a variety of projects that may include: clay sculpture, sketching, watercolors or paints, nature collage, scrap booking, papier maché, picture frames, candle holders, necklaces and bracelets, woodworking and leather craft, candle making, mural painting, and much more! Create your very own masterpieces that you can take home to enjoy!

The Craft Cabin is open every morning and every afternoon for campers who are interested in lanyard making, painting, drawing, pottery, string art, and other projects.

During morning activities, campers receive instruction in a number of creative media. In the afternoons, campers are given the chance to work individually on the project of their choice.

The staff provides guidance to the campers with the emphasis on creativity. 




Basketball & tennis



Basketball at Camp Pacifica Everyone knows that guys (and even some girls) can not live a day without a basketball and a hoop.

Camp Pacifica has the cure for the basketball fanatic... An outdoor basketball court in the wilderness. Nothing but solitude, nature and bud's to play some "one on one" or shoot some hoops.

It's free time, so have some fun. How about a little H-O-R-S-E, Around the World, Knock-Out, Twenty One?


Tennis at Camp Pacifica Just for fun! We also have a tennis net on the basketball court. Perhaps you are thinking that should be "a basketball court on a tennis court?"

So, if you can't live without a day of practicing that back-hand or service-ace, bring your "old" racket or use one of ours. We'll provide the tennis balls. 





Pool Activities at Camp Pacifica At Camp Pacifica all campers take swimming lessons. From the beginner to the advanced swimmer, counselors are trained to help campers develop skills to become better swimmers and/or continue to develop more advanced skills.

Campers have many opportunities to put their skills to work by training for long distance swims and to participate in swim meets.

We welcome hot summer days when we jump in the pool to cool off on “Wacky Wednesday” for fun water games and free swim. 







Canoeing at Camp Pacifica Who doesn't like to canoe? Whether a person wants a relaxing day on the water or an exhilarating experience in the outdoors, canoeing has something to offer everyone. Instruction in the use of canoes is offered to all campers who have passed the required swimming tests. Others are taken for rides by counselors.

Life preservers (PFD) in each canoe are a requirement and all canoeing is within a restricted area and under direct supervision.

A canoe is a great platform for wildlife viewing. So, it’s good to know how to control the canoe well and quietly, to have a good opportunity to see all the wildlife available.

The following are important skills in a successful canoeing program:

• How to Properly Wear Your PFD
• How to Hold a Canoe Paddle
• Anatomy of a Canoe Stroke
• Forward Stroke
• J-Stroke
• Draw Stroke
• Tandem 




Dance & Jazzercise


Dance & Jazzercise 

Dance & Jazzercise at Camp Pacifica Hearing impaired youth do indeed enjoy dancing (music and movement).

For most, it is the feeling of the sound (primarily the bass) on the body, and the visual cue of others who hear a little more sound.

Add some sophisticated light systems to the sound system, and you have pulsing lights with the music! Club Pacifica! Disco!

So campers gather in the day for jazzercise classes and at night for a special Camp Dance. 





Fishing at Camp Pacifica is simply amazing. Our pond is full of mountain trout just waiting and eager to bite! You will learn to bate your hook and reel that big one in! Be careful! Don't let him get away. Get your net ready... Is yours the biggest?

Learn to cast and care for reel, rod and fishing gear. Sit by the shore and enjoy the summer sun and, if you master the secrets of stillness and silence, cook your catch over an open fire.

We love taking kids fishing. Our "old fisherman" knows the best pond locations and what works to catch the big ones! Our guidelines for safety around water, fishing tackle and shorelines have no equal. Campers experience Pond Fishing, learning how to use the best bate.

Finally, every camper gets a chance to learn with reel and rod fishing tackle while they also craft their own "Huck Finn" style bamboo pole to take home. 







Riflery at Camp Pacifica Campers begin learning basic rules for safety on the shooting range. Some of the important rules are: always point a gun in a safe direction, remember that a gun is not a toy, don’t point a gun at someone as a joke, and that a gun is always assumed to be loaded.

Another rule is that if you shoot an animal, you intend to eat it. After learning rules and basic techniques, campers start shooting. The initial goal is to have a good grouping. Then, campers work on centering their shots on the bulls-eye.

But Riflery isn’t all work. Campers also have a lot of fun shooting special targets. Riflery is one of the best courses offered at Camp Pacifica. 


Mountain Biking


Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking at Camp Pacifica summer camp borders National Forest lands and so provides trails to explore for our kids who love mountain biking.

We offer different size bikes for different sized campers, and the summer camp program is open for campers of all skill levels, from the beginner on up.

Mountain Biking is a thrilling and enjoyable way for kids to explore the back country and take in the beauty of California’s Sierras while promoting physical endurance and exercise.

Helmets are required and provided to all riders.

Rev up your summer with Mountain-Bike Camp. Learn from trained instructors about the basics of riding, bike safety, and basic maintenance.

Please note: Not all instruction will be done while riding. Important components of this program include safety and bike maintenance instruction. 


outdoor games


outdoor games

Games at Camp Pacifica utilize a large (soccer) field for outdoor games of all kinds. Soccer, Badminton, Volleyball, Wiffleball (Baseball), "Rubber Chicken" Tag, Kickball.